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Managed IT Services

Disaster Recovery

We bundle our disk-to-disk backup solution with managed connectivity and Virtualised infrastructure in our hosting environment to provide customers with tailored Disaster Recovery solutions which meet their specific requirements.

    • Online backup
    • Managed connectivity
    • Hosted infrastructure for DR

Information Asset Management

We provide customer a consulting-led solution to classify their data and implement data protection, backup and archiving solutions around their specific compliancy requirements.

Hosted Exchange

We provide Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010 as a service so that customers can select options to meet their specific requirements.

  • Different mailbox sizes and features
  • Archive mailbox capability (PST-free solution)

On-line backup

We provide and wide range to disk-to-disk data backup solutions which cater from the micro-enterprise right up to the large enterprise requirements. Our solutions can be customer-owner or they can make use of our extensive data backup infrastructure.

  • Protection of data on a wide range of servers
  • Protection of mobile data for all workstations
  • Fully automated backup solution
  • No reliance on bespoke hardware or media such as tape drives and tapes
  • Make extensive use of cheap bandwidth to automate off-site backup storage
  • Highly secure backup solution to protect sensitive customer data

Voice over IP

We provide customers with a Cloud-based PBX solution which dramatically reduces the monthly Telkom costs from a rental and usage perspective.

  • Enhanced Business Continuity
  • Enhanced mobility
  • Feature-rich capability

Core IT Service Outsourcing

We provide total core IT service outsourcing as a service where we build the core IT infrastructure (all core IT hardware, software and services) and provide a managed service under SLA to the customer for very specific IT services.

  • Core Ethernet infrastructure
  • Wide Area Network
  • Internet connectivity
  • TCP/IP services
  • Directory Services
  • File sharing
  • Printing
  • Database services
  • Core Line of Business Applications
  • Non Line of business Applications
  • Messaging and Collaboration
  • Microsoft licensing (SPLA or VLK)


We provide a variety of hosting services which include:

  • Websites
  • DNS hosting
  • Domain registration and management
  • Infrastructure monitoring and management
  • Mailbox archiving
  • Private Cloud
  • Applications
  • Virtualised infrastructure


  • Servers and Desktops


  • Various connectivity solutions (Internet or inter-office)