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Online Backup Service

We provide a wide range of disk-to-disk data backup solutions which cater from the micro-enterprise right up to the large enterprise requirements. Our solutions can be customer-owner or they can make use of our extensive data backup infrastructure.

  • Protection of data on a wide range of servers
  • Protection of mobile data for all workstations
  • Fully automated backup solution
  • No reliance on bespoke hardware or media such as tape drives and tapes
  • Make extensive use of cheap bandwidth to automate off-site backup storage
  • Highly secure backup solution to protect sensitive customer data

  • Service Overview

    • Backup Servers and Workstations over the Internet
    • Backs up only tiny changes in the data (saves bandwidth)
    • Automated and makes use of Internet connection
  • Benefits

    • No dependency on specific hardware (uses disk to disk technology)
    • No need for manual process
    • Highly reliable (we store multiple copies on multiple data centres)
    • Easy to recover or restore data
    • Works anywhere (just need a Internet connection)
  • Features and Support

    • Supports
      • Windows servers
      • Windows workstations
      • Linux servers
      • Linux workstations
      • Mac servers
      • Mac workstations

    • Can backup
      • Microsoft Exchange
      • Microsoft SQL
      • SharePoint
      • Oracle and many more
  • Partner Opportunity

    • Discount available for partners
      • On licensing
      • On data hosting fees
    • Chrono-Logic provides 2nd -line support for backup solutions 
      (Partner will field calls and provide 1st –line support to customers)